Super Area Domination

Super Area Domination tries to correct the balancing issue present in Area Domination. In Super Area Domination there will be two active control zones instead of just one. There will be an EM in both, most likely Maroku and I.

At the start of the match the control zones will be uncontested until the first person comes onto the EM's screen and into the area. At this point Maroku thinks it should be one minute to get a point, and I think it should be 1 point for every 10 seconds. If I get my way the controlling kingdom will get 1 point for every 10 seconds they have control of zone. If they control both zones its about 2 points for every 10 seconds. Whoever has the most points at the end of a certain period of time wins.

To capture a zone you must kill -everyone- of the controlling kingdom, not just walk into the area and start fighting. As long as there is one survivor the zone will remain under the kingdom's control. If two kingdoms are fighting to try to take over a zone the area will become "Contested" after the holding kingdom is vanquished. Then one of invaders must take out the other invader in order to control the area. A kingdom automatically loses control if all the members leave the area.

With two active zones it will be harder for a small number of elite players to hold off a zerg rush which makes it easier to see who can bring the most people to the field rather then the most stats.

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