Maroku Events Admin

Maroku (Events Admin)


Age: 20
Location: Germany
Played: 4 Years
EM Since: 2006
EA Since: 2008
Contact: E-Mail(moc.liamelgoog|2ukoram#moc.liamelgoog|2ukoram),ICQ(locked),MSN(locked),AIM(locked)
Online Time: 16:00 - 23:00 (Servertime)
Your Favorite Events: Day of the Sun,Kingdom Events,New Event Dungeon,Evil Chest
Sheduled Events: No
RP Events: No
Kingdom Events: Allowed(Honor Points)

Rights: Summon,Monster Spawn,Pillory.Battle Admin,Team Control,testbed,eventbot,add/remove/rights staff,Escort NPC,Lock System,Theme System,RC,Wings,Warp

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