Honor Points Shop

Honor Points Bank:

Crescent Pirates: 7
Forest: 3
Dustari: 12
Rising Sun: 6
Zormite Republic: 7

What is Limited?

If the Limited is set to "YES" only the ammount you see atm will be givin out
If the limted is set to "NO" you will get the ammount you see

Is there any recharge?

YES,if almost all items are bought, maybe we change the items or we just recharge the ammount again

If an item is sold, it will be removed from the shop and you cant get it any more from the shop
(if its Limited)

Read the How to get the Items section first!

HP Points Item Limited? How much?
3x eventcoin 5xtalisman< Talisman of Summoner YES 1 item for 3 honor point
8x eventcoin 2xbracer_silver 2xbracer_ac YES 1 item for 8 honor point
10x eventcoin infernoswordicesword mud_shieldofhoarfrost.png bdaf rdaf YES 1 item for 10 honor points
15x eventcoin gargoyle2xelvenboots darksword deathbringer talisman<Evoker YES 1 item for 15 honor points

Shop Log Crescent Pirates: 1x Elven Boots(15)

Shop Log Forest:

Shop Log Zormite Republic:

Shop Log Dustari:

Shop Log Rising Sun:

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