Joining Requirements

If anythink is wrong contact me over e-mail (moc.liamelgoog|2ukoram#moc.liamelgoog|2ukoram) or in-game (only for kings and members that can recruit)

Crescent Pirates:

if you want to join the Crescent Pirates you must be at least level 8 have 2 recommendations from a rank above pirate, agree to the Article of Agreement, and are not listed on the Crescent Pirates Blacklist
You need first and last name!

Please contact the Governor for the Articel of Agreement

After ranking from Pirate you get to choose to join the Pirate Navy or the Pirate Army, Here is the basic rankings.

Pirate Navy
Admiral By Appintment only
Vice-Admiral By Appintment only
Captain By Appintment only
First Mate (Top 3 Skills total - 60)
Officer (Top 3 Skills total - 50)
Swashbuckler (Top 3 Skills total - 40)
Buccaneer (Top 3 Skills total - 35)
Master Gunner (Top 3 Skills total - 30)
Gunner (Top 3 Skills total - 25)
Sailor (Top 3 Skills total - 12)
Pirate (Level 10)

Pirate Army
Swordmaster (Physique level - 40 -Challenge Current for rank)
Blood Raider (Physique level - 40 -Ask Felix Lionheart for details)
Swordsman (Physique level - 20)
Warrior (Top 3 Skills total - 20)
Brigand (Top 3 Skills total -15)

Rising Sun:

- Joining Members must at least be at level 8. (Base)
- Members must agree to the Rules and Decrees of Rising Sun.
- Any joining member will need to pick a full name fitting to the theme of Rising Sun, and begin or continue acting as that character while on-tag.
- Must have donated 20 boards, 20 nails, and 20 stone.


(Ranks and basic membership)

- Forest citizenship can be granted to any person able to properly Roleplay under the standard guidelines.

- Forest Military ranks are to be restricted to level 8 and higher unless under supervision of one of the forest members willing to help you get to that level.

(Retirement, Gold/trial members)

- Upon Joining the kingdom, anyone unable to prove level requirements must not be permitted to military or higher ranks, but instead still may join with ranks such as farmer or blacksmith.

- Members in which are allready in the kingdom are not to be demoted for loss of gold membership or vip, but instead will nolonger be given direct orders and treated as a retired member of forest. This will be so until this person can return with gold time on their account. This should also mean their rank doesnt change because they don't have "kingdoms gold time".


No joining requiremments!

Dustari is in development so you should like to develope!

Zormite Republic:

No joining requirements

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