Dates Spars

10 November:

Group 1:Obs311 vs Craigus (3:2)
Group 2:Kia345 vs MeachEagle (0:3)

11 November:

Group 3:Felix_Xenophobe vs Lady_Shadow_Zero(3:0)
Group 4:Hatred89 vs BigBear3 (0:3)

12 November:

Group 1:Faith_Less_P2P vs smokeraider (0:3)
Group 2:ImmortalHuman vs FenixTheBanished(1:3)

13 November:

Group 3:cyan3 vs Zanza_p2p (3:0)
Group 4:paulturner111 vs StormYs (0:3)

14 November:

Group 1:Obs311 vs smokeraider (4:5)
Group 2:MechEagle vs FenixTheBanished (0:3)

15 November:

Group 3:Felix_Xenophobe vs cyan3 (1:5)
Group 4:BigBear3 vs StormYs (1:4)

16 November:

smokeraider vs FenixTheBanished(5:2)
cyan3 vs StormYs(2:5)

17 November: FINALS

smokeraider vs StormXs (7:5)

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