Cube Wars Gameplay

What the kingdom(member) needs to join cube wars.

-You must be in a kingdom
-You have to create a cube wars account
-4 Player in the cube wars field
-Archer class needs a bow equiped
-Warrior class needs any meelee weapon (not fist or a mag)
-Mage class needs any wand
-Priest class needs any Wand
-Gold subscription

Team Creating Rules

-The Team is not allowed to have more then 2 of the same class in a team

Action Points

-Action Points are needed to make some "actions" like attacking or using skills
-The Events Admin/Master rolls the dice and the shown number will be the ammount of action points you can use to make "actions"
-If all action points (or a elite skill) are used the round ends and the other team starting there round

The Field

-Each Team got 8 Platforms they have to stay
-You are not allowed to walk to the other side if you are not doing any action
-If a platform is choosen you cannot change your platform ,only if a skill is used to do it

- If a player is behind someone, he cant be attacked by melee or magical melee


Attack *playername* = You are attacking somone with melee or magical melee
Skill *Skillname* on *playername* = you are using a skill on the target
Elite Skill *skillname* = you are using an elite skill!
/sleep = you have to use this command if your HP is at 0
ActionP? = Thie Events Master/Admin tells you your current action ponts you have left for a round


The team wins if all enimies are death!

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