In developement

Each participating kingdom needs to designate an individual to be their VIP. Each kingdoms VIP will then be sent to a specified location where everyone will try to KILL THEM. In order to win, your kingdom's VIP must be the last one left standing.

Rules for the VIP:

1. You are not allowed to enter buildings, ships, caves, dungeons, etc or basically any sort of structure or map change.
2. You are also not allowed to use any form of restoration or healing other then your own magic, or magic of your kingdom members.

Rules for the Bodyguards/Assassins:

1. You must be in B-mode. [well DUH]
2. You must be on tag.

The location may change to battle island or hutaro spar
right now its on main island

Right now the location is still being worked on. We just might try a few different ones and see which ones work best.

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