Honor Points Shop

Honor Points Bank:

Crescent Pirates: 0
Taure: 0
Dustari: 0
Rising Sun: 0
Zormite Republic: 0

What is Limited?

If the Limited is set to "YES" only the ammount you see atm will be givin out
If the limted is set to "NO" you will get the ammount you see

HP Points Item Limited?
1x eventcoin cloak,eventcoin NO claok:1 (any color you wish),EC: 2
5x eventcoin icedagger,icedaggerflame YES ID: 5 FiD: 2
10x eventcoin angelshield,immortalfrost YES Angel Shield: 1 IF: 1
15x eventcoin icesword,infernosword YES Ice Sword: 1 InfernoSword: 1
20x eventcoin banditgloves,bda,darkflame YES Gloves: 1 BDA: 1 DF: 1
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